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Girl, it’s time to ditch that cubbie, gain the freedom you deserve, create your own rules, and travel the world!

I think it’s time you design the dream life you deserve.

…you are here because you are dreading your 9-5 and you have a wanderlust soul

…maybe you are looking for a change and a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’ in your life

…maybe you are fed up with working for someone else

…maybe you hate the idea of having only two weeks vacation a year

If you can relate to any of this, girl you are sooooo in the right place

Still with me? Here’s what you can expect from my FREE 4-Day Build your Online Creative Biz Bootcamp Course

Module 1 – Making Sh*t Happen: How to Manifest your Dream Biz

Module 1 is all about imagining what is possible and overcoming your limited beliefs so you can manifest your dream biz.

Module 2 – Biz Essentials: Conquering Your Doubts, Networking, & Your Portfolio

Module 2 is all about how to overcome some doubts you may be having and how to mentally prepare yourself for any challenges that may come your way as you’re building your online biz. Starting an online biz is not as easy as you think, but with the right mindset, you will build your biz like the rockstar that you are!

Module 3 – How to Start Your Own Creative Business like a Boss!

The juicy stuff! You’ve been wanting to work yourself for quite some time? Trying to break free from the 9-5 grind? Or maybe you want to change your career and be in the creative space? We will go over the steps on setting up your creative online business so you can finally have the flexibility to work from anywhere!

Module 4 – 5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

So you have your online business and you now have clients. How do you maintain their business? How do you get more work from your existing clients?

+ A BONUS VIDEO: My secret weapon for working faster and designer better: Sketch

When you’re building your online biz, you need the proper tools to help you work faster and more efficiently. Welcome my secret weapon, Sketch!

Finally, a design tool for the modern designer. Designing has never been this easy!

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Vivian is a creative entrepreneur and a world traveler. She collects snow globes of countries she’s traveled to. Designing and traveling are her passions. She loves to listen to motivational podcasts, and is also an apple product advocate. Her inspiration for helping creative women build the business of their dreams came from believing in creativity+freedom.

Fun fact: This website started out as a travel blog and now turned it into an online biz!

For an extra glimpse of Vivian’s pics on her solo trips to over 30 countries, check out her Instahh here: @itstherealdora