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Hey there!

I’m Vivian, a Creative Entrepreneur + World Traveler. I decided that I needed a fresh start after living in Boston for a long time, so I packed my bags, moved to the mid-west, and ended up in Chicago! (It’s not the warmest place, but I ah-dore this city!)

… I also might be a little bit of a nerd since I’m always listening to a motivational podcast and a total Apple product advocate. Then again, who doesn’t have some nerd in them?

Fun fact: This website started out as my travel blog and now I’ve turned it into my online biz!


My friends call me Dora the Explorer because I travel the world solo

Skydived for the first time 
in Dubai

Went on a spontaneous 21-day 
solo trip to Europe

Saw little penguins in Australia 
and in South Africa

I believe in freedom and living creatively

When I moved to a new city, I thought that I would be able to take a break from traveling so I could focus on furthering my career in Corporate America. Boy, was I wrong. No matter how much I advanced in my career, life was still F’n unfulfilling.

The wanderlust was so F’n real.

I impulsively went on a 21-day solo European trip to feed my ever-growing travel addiction. Unsurprisingly, when I came back to my Corporate America job, I realized just how important my FREEDOM was. 

I believe that when you have the ability to be where you want to when you want to, you’re able to live a more meaningful and creative life. You’ll even be able to have more time to do the things that you actually enjoy doing.

I’ve figured it out: having freedom is the secret sauce to success in life, my friends!

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Who should join my free-private community?

  • Aspiring female graphic designers/travel nomads who want the freedom to work from anywhere that has decent wifi.
  • Future independent girl bosses who have inner entrepreneurial spirits – girl, I know this is totally you!
  • Women who need help in building an online graphic design business – I’m your girl to help you achieve this! 
  • Women who feel lost, stuck, and uninspired and need a support system – don’t worry, I got you!

  • Women who want to design their own lives and write their own rules – heck yeah!

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